What Would You Say?

If you had the chance to tell someone how you feel about them, what would you say?

The people at Soulpancake.com did it again. What would you say?On a city street, they set up a microphone, in what look like a telephone booth and across from it, a listening device that look like huge earphones. Two people at a time participated. One person stood in the booth and the other stood by the earphones. The person in the booth told the person by the earphones how he/she felt about that person. Several couples participated. After one person shared his/her feelings, the two switched places.

The couples that participated were: a mother and daughter, a father and daughter, friends, partners and colleagues. The piece is entitled, “Street Compliments” but I think it should be called, What Would You Say? If you want to watch the 3.5 minute piece, click here. I was very moved and I wonder what it brings up for you.

What would you say?After watching the video, do you feel inspired to share your feelings with someone special?  If you had the opportunity, what would you say?

I’d love to know. Write to me here and tell me.