What Would You Ask Your Therapist?

Psychiatrist Jeffery Smith, MD, wrote a post for Oprah.com, entitled, 11 Questions You’ve Wanted to Ask Your Shrink, Answered. I enjoyed reading it and want to share it with you.

Many people come to therapy not knowing ask your therapist what to expect or what to talk about. They can be frightened, apprehensive and vulnerable. It’s my job to create an environment that feels safe enough for my clients to express those feelings. But what happens when they don’t know how to begin?

lotus in handHere’s the answer: You don’t have to know. I will guide you. We will begin with an intake and then we will begin regular sessions. I will explain what that looks like in another post. In this one, I will list Dr. Smith’s questions. I encourage you to read his article and see his answers. They are honest and informative.

  1. What do I talk about?
  2. Are you going to blame my mother?
  3. Can I tell you if you have salad in your teeth?
  4. What if I lie to you?
  5. Am I boring you?
  6. Can’t we resolve my issues faster?
  7. Can we really ever resolve my issues?
  8. Why can’t I ask you about your personal life?
  9. What if I’m attracted to you?
  10. Do you think of me between sessions?
  11. Do you care about me?

What questions would you like to ask this therapist?