What Helps You Heal?

New York City is a strange, wild, exciting, beautiful, dirty, vast, crowded and wonderful place. To live and to work here can be challenging. What makes New York City so special is the people. There are so many of them and each person has his/her own story. When I look at their faces, I see sadness, happiness, joy, anger, rage, excitement, jealousy- every emotion. I often wonder, what helps each person heal. What helps you heal?

How do you heal?Is it listening to or playing music, connecting with a friend, going to a 12 step meeting, hugging, going for a walk, working out, doing yoga, being in nature, getting a massage, creating or seeing art? Is it reading? Is it going to the movies?


It’s ok to feel sad or angry or jealous or joyous or content. But sometimes the emotions are too great, too powerful or too intense. Here’s a link to an article that I wrote about the power of music. Music can take away from the intensity of emotions and sometimes even replace it with another.

I received an email this morning from Upworthy.com. How do you heal?Unworthy describes themselves like this: “Upworthy draws massive amounts of attention to things that matter. Every day, our curators scour the web to find compelling, meaningful media — stories, information, videos, graphics, and ideas that reward you deeply for the time you spend with them.

We share the best stuff with the Upworthy community, and they share it on to their friends and families, engaging a total of about 50 million people each month on some of society’s most important topics.”

What inspired me to write a post today is seeing this link in Upworthy. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will tell you that it has to do with New York and the many people who inhabit this great city. Someone chose to listen to music and that act changed her life- saved her life.  Someone helped herself heal.

How have you helped yourself heal? How do you help yourself heal?