What Drives You?

What drives you? is a question that I ask myself and others every day. As a psychotherapist, I want to know what motivates people to do what they do and be who they are. Right now, as the Olympics in Rio are being televised, I watch and think about what drives athletes to become, not only good at something, but have a passion to the best in the world.

RunningOn Being with Krista Tippett is an inspiring podcast. This week’s piece is entitled, Running As Spiritual Practice. It’s about Olympic athletes and others who run with a passion for the sport.

The last story is exceptional. It’s from an interview that took place in May of this year.  Olympians Are Chosen By The Gods is about a Native American Man named, Billy Mills who broke a world record at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo.

Mills tells his story with imagery and ease. His voice is mesmerizing. It’s easy to picture him losing his parents at a young age, not fitting in at school, dealing with racism and feeling physical and emotional pain. Because of his story telling abilities, it’s also easy to picture him on his runs, feeling his father’s presence, racing in the Olympics and then gaining the last bit of drive that he needed in order to push through to the finish line and set a world record.

Below is a a one minute video of that moment and here is a link to a four minute clip:

It takes a lot of drive to become an Olympic athlete or a world record holder. For some it takes a lot of drive to be a runner, a jogger, a teacher or a firefighter. For others, it takes a lot of motivation to just show up. I encourage you to listen to both podcasts and then ask yourself, what drives you? I’d like to know.