The Day After the Boston Marathon

Today is the day after the terrible explosion that occurred at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. This morning, I ran into a friend who took a spinning class at the gym. She mentioned that the instructor kept telling the class to “make it to the finish line.” Maybe I was thinking like a therapist or maybe I became a therapist because I think like one; I asked her how that made her feel. My friend said, “he was just in the zone, trying to encourage everyone to keep going no matter how difficult it was.” I noticed that she didn’t say how it made her feel only why he said what he said.

I feel for the runners who trained so hard for this most difficult of marathons. In order to even be considered as an applicant to the Boston Marathon, runners must prove how quickly they ran the New images-2York Marathon. In other words, these runners are some of the best in the world. Most of them tried to reach the finish line but not all of them did. Some who were able to reach it, left terribly hurt.

I also saw something wonderful. Along with all of the terrifying images, were people running towards the hurt and wounded athletes and spectators. I noticed camaraderie, support and concern for one another. I noticed human kindness along with two terrible acts of violence.

Helping handsAs I was taking a look at one of the social network sites, I read a wonderful quote by Fred Rogers. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” We saw many helpers yesterday and I imagine, that help continues today and will continue for a long time.

When we don’t see the helpers during tragedies, it may be a sign that we are depressed. Being able to discuss and feel one’s fears and concerns can be difficult. Speaking with a therapist or counselor can help. I would be honored to help you deal with your fears and concerns. If I were not the right fit for you, I would still encourage you to speak with someone who could help you. Yesterday’s events were tragic. How we move on from them today is the next step. If you’re considering psychotherapy, I encourage you to contact me or go to my resources page to find someone in whom you can trust.

Despite your own tragedies and those from yesterday (in this country and abroad), I also encourage you reach your own finish line and to be proud of that accomplishment.

Finish Line