NYC Psychotherapist, Adoption Consultant, Neurofeedback NYC

Emily S. Rosen, LCSW


From LP:

I just got back from my trip. I had such an amazing time there and we did decide to commit to a more serious relationship. Even though we haven’t seen each other for years, we just felt really comfortable around each other. I’m just so glad that we were able to be open and honest about our feelings and thoughts. I really can’t stress enough about how my sessions with Emily gave me the opportunity and courage to be able to fall in love again. I realized that it’s not about being able to trust any and every guy who comes along in my life. It’s about being able to fully trust the right guy for me and neurofeedback has truly helped me realize this.

From SR:

I consulted Emily for NeurOptimal® partly out of curiosity, and partly I was dealing with two highly stressful situations. I found that the neurofeedback  helped me to more easily access a calmer, more intuitive state where I could see more clearly, get less ‘triggered’, be more at peace and make better choices. Although I noticed a huge difference in my state of mind for about 48 ours after the first few sessions, overall I would say that the changes are  subtle but profound.  I’ve had about 10 sessions, and plan to have some more, just to see how good it can get.  Emily Rosen is highly intuitive and insightful, and a great guide if you want to explore your potential as well as address challenging issues.

From JK:

NeurOptimal® has given me mental relief. Now, instead of a problem overwhelming me, I get to overwhelm my problem! I can proudly that say after being on medication for over 20 years, I am medication free. I enjoy and look forward to my weekly visits with Emily. She is the most empathetic person I ever met. She provides a relaxed and calming atmosphere. I’m so glad I found her and NeurOptimal®. Additionally, my eight-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD and was receiving the traditional neurofeedback training. I compared my progress to his and decided that mine was better. So he stopped working with his previous trainer and he now trains with Emily. In just a few sessions, I have seen a difference in his behavior. He is much more relaxed, seems happier and does his homework as soon as he gets home from school. Emily is amazing with children. The first time we went to see her; she was very patient and caring. She took her time talking to my son and got him comfortable very quickly. I am looking forward to seeing his improvements develop on a weekly basis.

 From RAC:

I’ve found NeurOptimal® neurofeedback with Emily has been a breakthrough for helping my disrupted sleep pattern. I couldn’t tolerate the side effects of what I had been prescribed after numerous sleep tests, and I was afraid nothing would ever help. The NeurOptimal® modality is complementary and has allowed me to explore low dose medication but remains the primary therapy. It enhances a sense of overall well being and I can feel the benefits after the sessions and building over time, which has been a welcome “side effect” as there are none otherwise. Emily offers insights and feedback as needed to ensure there is maximum benefit from NeurOptimal®, guiding the process carefully and completely.

From T and E:

Emily Rosen has our eternal gratitude and affection. We started our adoption journey with little understanding of the process, and even less confidence in its eventual successful outcome. Emily took us under her wing, and shared not only her expertise and knowledge, but (more important by far) she shared her kindness, compassion, understanding and patience. From the initial overwhelming avalanche of paperwork and the psychological perils of the home study, throughout the endless, empty months of waiting for the referral, to the final tumultuous two weeks in China, Emily was our rock.

Unwavering and steadfast, she was always there for us, providing just what was needed at the moment, whether it was an explanation of some abstruse technical point, or simply an encouraging pat on the hand. I write this on the seventh anniversary of the day our daughter was placed in my arms for the first time, and I know that Emily’s unflagging efforts on our behalf are in large part responsible for this, and every other moment that we have had together.

From G and E:

Emily worked tirelessly with my husband and me from the moment we were first thinking about choosing a program; through Home Study and approval; through an extended wait process which proved to be more complicated than anticipated; through some circuitous and unexpected scenarios that presented themselves; through some opportunities and some difficult losses; through bureaucratic headaches and potential heartaches; and, finally, through the entire joyful, magnificent homecoming of our child.

Emily was skilled not only at navigating the trickiest tangles of red tape, but even more skilled at seeing us through the trickiest tangles of our anxieties as we waited. We came to depend on her equally for both of those sets of skills, and when our child came home, it felt like her triumph as well as ours. We are forever appreciative.

T and S:

Emily was knowledgeable, calm, and warmly caring throughout our adoption process. We remember Emily with great fondness and don’t know what we would have done without her.

S and W:

Emily Rosen took us through our first adoption of our daughter from Colombia. We had a wonderful experience working with her and felt tended to, respected, and always had our questions answered thoughtfully, knowledgeably and without delay. We were always thankful to have been paired with Emily as our social worker at the time. It was not until our second adoption –when we were paired with someone else– that we realized just how lucky we had been. The world of adoption is complicated by paperwork, emotions, delays, unknowns etc. and we came to understand, explicitly, that not everyone is as gifted as Emily to work through the issues the prospective parents face with such professionalism and care. I will recommend her always to anyone at any point in the adoption journey.


The adoption process can be overwhelming. There is so much paperwork, waiting, decision-making, and uncertainty. It’s really helpful to have guidance from someone with experience and an understanding of the complicated process. Emily was helpful to me in this respect, listening to my concerns and fears and providing sound, caring support. With many years of experience in the adoption field, her insights are extremely helpful, and she’s a lovely, thoughtful, down-to-earth woman! I brought my incredible daughter home from China after a nearly 3-year wait. The entire adoption experience has been amazing from start to finish, and I feel so fortunate to be the mother to a beautiful, charming, curious girl.

P and M:

When we first met Emily we were about a year into the adoption process. We were feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, and starting to question whether a family would be in our future at all. But meeting Emily ended up being the turning point. She was with us through the times of hope and there for us through the times of great disappointment that inevitably come with trying to start a family through adoption.

She is a patient, caring and genuine person who clearly loves what she does. We remember going to meet with her and arriving exhausted from the subway ride and feeling exasperated from the challenges of the week but we always left her office holding hands and walking back through Central Park feeling revived.

As we write this, Hattie, our 6 month old daughter is playing in her jumper beside us, laughing, squealing and demanding our attention. She is a perfect little girl and has brought more joy to our lives than we could ever have imagined. Emily played a key role in bringing her into out lives and we are so grateful to have met her. Needless to say it takes a lot more than a subway ride from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side to exhaust us now!

K W on Neurofeedback:

A friend who is very knowledgeable about neurofeedback referred me to Emily. Emily is always kind, gentle and warmhearted. Since the changes brought about by neurofeedback are often reported to be subtle, I decided to keep a journal in which I noted any changes I noticed in my emotional states or life in general. I wanted to share this journal with Emily and she greeted this proposal with heartening enthusiasm, read all of my offerings avidly and seemed thrilled that I was doing this. Her enthusiasm was contagious and I felt more and more encouraged not only to keep on journaling but to actually LOOK for changes in my life. Emily is warm, accepting, kind and generous and I have gotten a lot out of my work with her and it is with joy and delight that I recommend her and neurofeedback.