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Is There an Alternative to Treating ADHD?

More and more children (and adults) are beingDistracted Student in Classroom diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. It is common, especially in this country, to treat conditions with medication. What happens when medicine doesn’t work or one prefers another option?

In an article found on PRWEB.com, entitled, Neurofeedback Training Offers New Paths for Treating Children with ADHD, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that “(neurofeedback offers the) same level of efficacy as medication.” It’s good to know there are alternatives.

relaxedThe article gives an example of a 10 year old girl who is diagnosed with ADHD. She was distractible and had difficulty completing tasks and doing her homework. With neurofeedback, she was able to successfully learn how to calm herself down and develop self regulation and become more focused.

I have seen tremendous results in treating both children and adults diagnosed with ADHD with neurofeedback. One of my clients wrote a testimonial about the efficacy of neurofeedback and both she and her son were able to decrease and eventually eliminate medication. To read the testimonial by JK, click here.

If you would like to learn more about neurofeedback and and how it can help with ADHD, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.