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A Wonderful Documentary About Eleven Year Olds

Brandon Webber writes in Unworthy.com about a documentary entitled, I Am Eleven. The link is above.

elevenDo you remember what it was like to be eleven years old? I remember that at eleven, I was finally allowed to walk to school by myself. I was still a kid but I was given an exciting and new opportunity to be a big kid. I felt so proud and a little nervous. Would the cars stop for me? Would I be able to get to school on time? Would I get lost?

Even the type of school a child attends is different when s/he turns eleven. It’s no longer elementary school, it’s junior high school. There may be the word, “junior” in front of it, but high school is what type of school I was finally attending when I was able to walk to school by myself. Therefore, I was now mature.

elevenSomething special happens when a kid turns eleven. S/he is given more responsibilities. Some kids have more homework, others may be allowed to stay home alone, without a babysitter. Some prepare dinner for their families, others pick their younger siblings up after school.

One kid I spoke to said that when he turned eleven, he was excited to walk to school by himself but he still wanted his dad to wake him up in the morning and his mom to help him choose an outfit for school. He wasn’t ready to be that grown up.

Another kid said that she liked and didn’t like to be privy to adult conversations. She said that she wanted to know and didn’t want to know, for example, that so and so was getting a divorce or that her friend’s mother acted strangely because she drank too much.

elevenFor some, turning eleven offers a cautious glimpse into the grown up world. Sometimes it feels good to be be a part of adult conversations and other times kids prefer to remain unaware. There are many milestones in a child’s life and there’s something particularly transformative about turning eleven.