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Emily S. Rosen, LCSW

Links & Resources

Adoption Advocacy and Support

The best places for adoption resources are: and

Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York (AFFCNY)

AFCTN (Adoption Foster Care Therapist Network)- Former Vice President AFCTN

General Wellbeing is a great place to keep current with what is going on in the world of therapy. Two other wonderful websites are: and Good

To learn more about anxiety and depression, click on this link. If you are interested in seeing for yourself if you may be depressed, click here to ask yourself some questions and take a depression test.

To learn about integrative psychiatry, take a look at this website.

Sharon Salzberg is an accessible and supportive meditation teacher. She offers free classes in meditation at The Tibet House in New York City several times a year.

Lovingkindness Meditation is a wonderful tool to help quell issues of fear and anxiety. The JCC in Manhattan offers classes in this subject and also offers bereavement groups for people who have lost a loved one.


For more information about  NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, the state of the art brain training system we will use, visit  web site.

You can also learn more about Neurofeedback here: New York Neurofeedback

Help Pro – Therapist Directory
NASW (National Association of Social Workers)
NYSSCSW (New York State Society for Clinical Social Work)
The Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy- Low Fee Clinic