Psychotherapy and Counseling New York City

Psychotherapy and Counseling New York City

Emily S. Rosen, LCSW


  • Have you talked with friends and read many books and life is still unsatisfying? Have you tried to push down your feelings or do you have trouble controlling your feelings? If so, I can help you. I will hear you and safely help you to face those feelings and deal with them.
  • Are you struggling with depression or anxiety that just doesn’t “go away” as easily as it once did? That may mean it’s time to deal with it. I can help you do that.
  • Are you confused about a relationship or career path? I can help you sort that out and also focus on what’s working and what isn’t.

Psychotherapy (or counseling) is talking with a trained individual about your fears, concerns, behaviors, desires and dreams. The goal of the therapist is to help you better understand yourself. You may seek treatment with me because you have been given a specific mental health diagnosis. Or you may seek treatment because you would like help dealing with a specific challenge such as job dissatisfaction or difficulty finding a partner.

archDuring a psychotherapy session, you will learn more about your behaviors, your thoughts and your feelings. Psychotherapy allows you to understand and take control of your life through new knowledge and coping skills.

Therapy is an expense but an investment in one’s self. I am not on any health insurance company panels but some or all of your treatment may be reimbursable if you have an out of network benefit.

Our work together will be kept confidential provided there is not a risk of you carrying out harm to yourself or anyone else. I respect your privacy and will encourage you to talk about anything. I can help you to resolve your concerns.

Therapy is a process that allows a person to work through situations where they feel stuck. If you feel ready to change and want to begin that process, and what you have read so far resonates with you, please contact me.