Music Has the Power to Heal

It’s the end of March in New York City and everyone seems to be ready for the light and warmth of the sun. It’s dark and it’s cold.  Clients tell me that they’re ready to come out of hibernation. They need a lift, a “pick me up” for the times they’re not getting neurofeedback. The clients who have been coming for neurofeedback for a while have, what I call, “the dark day blues,” much less acutely and much less frequently.

I started thinking about how much I love to hear the music that accompanies the neurofeedback training in my office. I never get tired of hearing the same piece. It’s so relaxing, calming and beautiful. It just makes me feel good. The experience of having a training session is extraordinary. There is absolutely nothing like it. But what other options do people have if they need a “pick me up” and their session isn’t for a few more days?  blue jay

The natural music that many of us take for granted; the songs of the birds, the rustling of the leaves as the squirrels chase each other and hearing children play outside (because the windows are open) are the sounds of everyday life. They are beautiful pieces of music that exist even in New York City. However, these sounds are rarely audible until some time in April.

I was reminded by my good friend and colleague, Catherine Boyer, MA, LCSW, of New York Neurofeedback, that listening to up-tempo music can improve one’s mood greatly. Why not put on an up-tempo song and dance around your living room?

Here’s a list of a few songs that always put me in a good mood. I hope they make you smile; take you out of your chair and into a good mood too. Enjoy!


Bill Withers- Lovely Day                       music 3

Colbie Caillat: Brighter Than The Sun

Kelly Clarkson: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Fleetwood Mac: Don’t Stop

Barry White: You’re My First, Last, My Everything