Adoption Consultant NYC

Adoption Consultant NYC

Emily S. Rosen, LCSW

NYC Adoption Consultant

How I can help you with the complexity of adoption:

  • I work with prospective adoptive parents and I also work with people who were adopted.
  • If you are unsure about whether or not adoption is right for you, I will explain the process and give you more information to help you make that decision.
  • I will show you how to learn about the process so that by the time our work is completed, you too will be an expert.
  • If you’re trying to understand how your adoption has impacted you, I’m here to help with at as well.

NYC Adoption Consultant

As an adoption consultant, I have experience counseling both prospective parents and adopted children, teens and adults. I offer more than just a framework for adoption services. I can also focus with you on the emotional and psychological issues associated with adoption. I counsel my clients throughout the adoption and placement process. I can do this by helping you find the best agency and/or attorney that can assist you to safely and ethically adopt a child.

gail-ericI am your exclusive advocate and counselor. I will explain the process, which can be complicated and feel overwhelming. I will help you feel empowered to become the best parent you can, through education and concrete support.

I am there when you:

  • Are trying to decide whether or not adoption is the best way for you to expand your family.
  • Want to know the difference between adopting domestically and internationally and what each entails.
  • Need to choose an agency and/or an adoption attorney.
  • Want to know the difference between foster care, independent adoption, agency adoption and adoption facilitated by an attorney.
  • You have already adopted and want to know the best way to introduce your child to your family.
  • Your child is old enough to ask questions about his/her adoption story and you need guidance on how to do this.


Here is a little bit more of what I do:

  • Address whether or not adoption is your best option
  • Help you to assemble and complete the often complicated and required paperwork
  • Examine questions of gender, cultural, racial and religious differences
  • Evaluate questions of attachment

candice-cWhen working with couples, I have found that often one is more ready to adopt than the other. When that happens, I help to provide an objective perspective to the path that will best suit you as a couple. Adoption can be a complicated process, legally and emotionally.

You may already be exhausted by years of trying to conceive and need help to regenerate hope. If you are single, I can help you find the supports that you need in order to undertake the often intimidating yet exciting adoption process. I can help you understand and go through any part of the adoption- before, during and after.