About Emily

NYC Therapist

About Emily S. Rosen, LCSW


Since you are here on my website, you are probably looking for a therapist for yourself or someone you care about. Ideally we will get to know each other in person; but until then, let me tell you a little bit about how I can help you. If you have any questions, call me at 917-817-8575 or email me.


I have a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University. My post-graduate training includes, Gestalt therapy, play and art therapy for children,  work with families and couples, Loving Kindness Meditation and I am a certified neurofeedback practitioner with NeurOptimal®. I will incorporate everything that I’ve learned in order to help you achieve your goals.

Post-Graduate Training

Over the years I have studied and taken classes in many different schools of therapy, and we will use whatever combination is the exact prescription to help you. Some of the areas of focus may be:

Gestalt, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytic, Mindfulness Training, Family Therapy and Neurofeedback.

I completed a four year clinical fellowship program the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy (GAP).

From the website:

GAP is a post-graduate psychotherapy institute committed to the teaching, practice, and continued development of Gestalt Therapy. Our practice has been enriched and deepened by the integration of such modern and ancient disciplines as communications and family systems theory, contemporary existentialism, inter-subjectivity theory, self psychology, and Zen Buddhism. This allows for a creative and flexible approach, which enhances the development of each therapist’s creativity and unique personal style.


I have years of experience as a trained psychotherapist. I am a licensed, clinical social worker. My focus is in 3 areas:

I worked for eight years at one of the oldest adoption agencies in the US. There I learned how family dynamics shape us. What I love about the field of adoption is that it incorporates all aspects of the human experience. You can learn more about my work by visiting the adoption page of this website.

After the adoption agency, I worked for four years in the financial industry. I was in the Human Resources department of a well known global investment banking and securities firm. There I counseled employees on everything from job stressors, to family concerns and advised on conflict resolutions. I also referred employees to addiction treatment facilities and other outside supports.

I have been in private practice (self employed therapist) for many years. My therapy office is on New York’s Upper West Side. It gives me great pleasure to do what I love for a living. I will enjoy watching you grow, learn and thrive.

When you realize the reasons for an ongoing struggle or you have what are referred to as an “a ha moments,” I will be thrilled for you. I can help you have your “a ha moments.”