A Life Less Ordinary

Below is a video called, Happy Life by Moje Bory. In it, the Dalai Lama LEH, INDIA - AUGUST 5, 2012: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama gispeaks about being only one person out of billions and says that all people just want to be happy. Along with his wise words, Dinah Washington sings This Bitter Earth. While all of this is happening, there is video footage of Europe (Poland, I think). There is nothing extraordinary about the footage- unless you look and you listen. There are children playing, people talking, animals napping, insects crawling and many other things are happening. What the viewer sees are ordinary days but they are also extraordinary.

Happy Life uplifts my spirits and makes me think. My hope in sharing it with you, is that you will have the same experience. Sometimes it helps to remember that even in the mundane, life is not ordinary.



LifeWhat in your life, have you assumed, is ordinary but when taking another look, is actually extraordinary?
Here are some suggestions: When you walk your dog, can you see how happy she is to frolic in nature? When your baby wakes up crying, then sees you and she stops crying and smiles, how does that make you feel? When you’re running late and someone holds a door open for you, do you feel seen ? How else is your life less ordinary?

When you feel overwhelmed, low or anxious, it’s hard to see the extraordinary in life. Sometimes just noticing one thing helps. I can help you find what is extraordinary about your life– about you! Contact me here to learn more.